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Don't Let These Mistakes Delay Your Apostille

Updated: May 15, 2023

Getting an apostille is an essential step in validating legal, academic, and professional documents for use abroad. However, the procedure can be quite difficult, and even small errors can result in the documents being rejected. We will highlight some of the common errors to avoid when requesting an apostille in this thorough guide.

It is crucial to remember that only official documents or those issued by public officials qualify for an apostille. Prior to being considered for apostille, private documents must be authenticated by licensed notaries.

Including documents that have been notarized by notaries whose licenses have expired is another common error. Before submitting a document for apostille, always verify the notary's license.

Another common error that is easily avoidable is sending documents to the incorrect office.

Only the state of origin may apostilize certificates and documents. Requests may be turned down if documents are sent to the incorrect office.

Apostilles cannot be applied to documents with a commercial or customs purpose, which is important to note. As a result, make sure the document you want to apostille satisfies the requirements for public or documents issued by public officials.

The document becomes invalid when the apostille is taken off of it. Always make sure the apostille is authentic and has not been altered.

Another mistake is sending photocopies of documents. For apostille, only original documents are acceptable. To avoid rejection, send the original document for apostille.

Delay in request for apostille can cause undue delay in meeting critical deadlines. To meet the deadline, make sure to always submit the document for apostille well in advance.

Last but not least, correspondence should be sent to the correct office rather than a foreign embassy. Make sure you always send your documents to the appropriate office for apostille.

It is advised to use apostille services provided by professionals like Bohemian Notary & Apostille Services LLC in order to prevent these and other errors. They will help to ensure that your documents are apostilled without any rejection or delay. The apostille process is crucial for certifying academic, professional, and legal documents for use abroad. Following the instructions in this article will help you to ensure that your documents are apostilled quickly and without any problems, saving you time and money.

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